Meeting 24th September 18

Our second meeting of the new season, on 24thSeptember, was particularly busy and interesting. Held in our usual location of Dunboyne Castle Hotel, it was well attended by members and several welcome visitors. 

‘Fáilte Officer’ Tracey Wall warmly welcomed all. As club ‘President’ Marian Brennan was away, Martin Farrell was ‘Acting President’ for the evening; his first time in this role. Martin reiterated Tracey’s welcome and introduced Tony McIntyre as ‘Toastmaster’ for the evening.

Tony relayed a real-life short story about trying to pay for a parking ticket in the country’s tidiest town, Listowel, on a quiet Monday. Tony also referred to the important TM mission & his key role during the meeting. Tony was actually being assessed in his ‘Toastmaster’ role, his assessor being the experienced Michael May. Michael was also the ‘General Evaluator’ for the evening.

The ‘Grammarian & Wordmaster’ role was undertaken by Barbara Bogdanescu. Barbara was to observe the correct use of English and introduced the word of the day, “fortuitous”! Tracey Wall was our ‘Listening Post’, encouraging folk to pay better attention by setting some questions for later on in the meeting. ‘Poetmaster’ Geraldine O’Toole was welcomed back, informed the meeting about Poet and Meath native Francis Ledwidge, and duly recited one of his poems, “Behind the closed eye”. Deirdre Davis undertook (no pun intended) the ‘Joke/Storymaster’ role and focused humorously on life & death! Mary Conway explained her ‘Timer’ role. Donal Keating, ‘Toastmaster’ expertly addressed the meeting explaining his evaluator role to guest speaker Eithne Branigan’s speech titled ‘Quality role in medical devices’. 

Eithne spoke about her employer, ‘Owens & Minor Halyard’. The business Eithne informed us coordinates the worldwide manufacture & production of medical/theatre products for USA market sales. The worldwide spread of manufacturing facilities together with stringent USA legal standards of compliance necessitates stringent quality control, and this quality aspect was the subject of Eithne’s most informative speech with Audio Visual presentation.

Jim Dunne spoke about himself during his ‘icebreaker’. From “Rolos” & “Alsatian attacks” to “endless summers” & “sand sandwiches”, we now all know a little more about  Jim!

Stephen Downey then gave his speech, ‘Why we still do what we do’. This was a follow-on to previous similarly titled speech the purpose of which was to show the successful application of feedback. Well done Stephen.

Mary Conway, Timer, advised the meeting of the times of the three speeches. Martin Farrell updated the meeting on ‘Easy-Speak’ and reminded us all of the humorous speech and topics competition on October 8th.  Then Stephen Downey spoke for a few minutes on ‘Pathways’. Time then for Tea & Coffee & a chat!

Following the break the speeches by Eithne, Jim and Stephen were then constructively evaluated respectively by Donal Keating, Mag Coogan and Martin Farrell.

‘Topicsmaster’, Margaret Ryan, encouraged folk to talk for between one and two minutes on random topics Margaret had chosen. ‘Ireland: a better place?’ and ‘Winter’ featured well, amongst others. ‘Grammarian and Wordmaster’ Barbara then addressed the meeting on the overall quality of grammar & usage of the word ‘Fortuitous’. Tracey, ‘Listening Post’, put several questions to the meeting to ascertain level of attentiveness and keep us on our toes!

‘General Evaluator’ Michael May duly followed with his overall meeting evaluation. He then continued with his evaluation of ‘Toastmaster’ Tony McIntyre.

Tony acknowledged Michael’s evaluations, thanked everybody for yet another successful meeting and subsequently closed the meeting.


Next meeting Monday, October 8th@ 7.45 pm in Dunboyne Castle. This will feature ‘humorous speech’ contest and ‘topics’ contest. More participants still sought…Ball in your court… You know you want to !