“Be sincere, be brief, be seated” – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s advice on making a speech!

Weddin speech pic

A request to be best man is an honour, but the thought of the requisite speech strikes most potential best men with terror. Here are Phoenix-Tara Toastmasters’  ten top tips for wedding speeches, whether you are a best man, groom, bride, chief bridesmaid or father/mother of the bride.

(1) Mind-map – take a blank sheet of paper and write the words or memories that come to mind about the bride and groom.  Some entries will have more resonance with you than others – these will provide the points of reference for your speech.

(2) Keep the speech simple and structure it chronologically – this will make it easier to remember, if you decide not to use notes.

(3) Pause for a moment before you commence and smile at the audience.  These are effective strategies to help connect with the audience.

(4) Good posture conveys confidence, even if you’re trembling like a Chiver’s jelly!

(5) Commence speech with self deprecating humour if possible, another effective device for audience connection.

(6) Speak at an even pace, even though the natural reaction is to race through the speech as quickly as possible to get to the end.

(7) Don’t be afraid to pause to let the audience laugh, or to appreciate the impact of your words.

(8) Humour, if utilised, must be appropriate to the gathering.

(9) Maintain regular eye contact with the audience, to make them feel involved.

(10) Write bullet points on cue cards or highlight important sections if reading from a written speech.  Good luck and remember everyone is on your side.

If you want to learn more about how to structure a speech or give a toast, why not come along to Phoenix-Tara Toastmasters?  We meet on the second and fourth Monday each month (excluding bank holidays) in Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa at 7.45 pm for an 8.00 pm at 8 pm start.  Visitors are always welcome,  free of charge, and will not be asked to speech unless they wish to do so.